Time saving

  1. Disassemble beds or any other items before move make sure you keep screws and bolts in a plastic bag or container.
  2. Leave food in fridge until the removalist arrive they will tell you when to empty it.
  3. Don’t water pot plants for up to three days prior to move.
  4. Empty cupboards and draws.
  5. Remove microwave plate and pack safely.
  6. Try to make someone present to indicate the placement of your items
  7. You as the customer can help in bringing smaller items out to the truck

Packing hints:

  1. Try to use removal cartons or similar in size and shape this will help the removalists load efficiently
  2. Use large cartons for bulky items like kitchen pots, pans ect make sure you use plenty of paper around fragile items.
  3. Use small boxes for books, records tin food ect.
  4. Always tape bottom and top of cartons

Client Testimonials

Felicity P.

Hornsby NSW

"Thank you very much for taking so much care with our furniture & posessions when you moved us a few weeks ago. I recommended you to one of my friends and they also were impressed with your level of care and attention. I will certainly be spreading the word about how good you are!"

David M

Gosford NSW

"Hi guys, just wanted to say thank you for successfully moving us last month. We've finally settle into our new home and can say the whole moving process was made so simple thanks to you!